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This blog has moved…

October 22, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ve moved the hipcast blog. Find it here : the *new* hipcast blog

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DNS Issue…

June 20, 2007 Leave a comment

Hipcast has been experiencing a DNS issue where some visitors are being redirected to another site.

We fixed the original issue within 30 minutes of it occurring, but DNS is pretty slow with ancillary updates, so we expect that within an hour or two, the new DNS information should be distributed properly across the Internet.

Based on bandwidth usage and logs, this appears to be affecting about 5% of users. We apologize for this issue and we’re doing everything we can to correct it.

Please be aware that if you cannot get to your podcast, or the audios and videos on your blog are not playing for you, it does not mean that others can’t get to them. Only 5% of the network requests are being mis-routed, which means that 95% are being handled properly.

The Hipcast Team

Tumblr Support Added

May 21, 2007 Leave a comment

If you haven’t seen it, you should check out

It’s a very basic blogging system with promise, and it’s now supported in Hipcast as a blog service you can post to.

By default, HTML support is off in Tumblr, so you’ll have to disable the “Filter HTML” option on the Settings tab (see pic below). Once you’ve done that, you may post your audio and video directly via Hipcast.


Now, Tumblr is cool, but it is no WordPress.

Not that it’s not powerful, but the author’s focus is clearly on simplicity. However, in our opinion, there is no faster, easier way to get a blog up and running.

Now, there’s no easier way to get an audio or video blog up and running…. Hipcast + Tumblr.


Support: Phone recordings not posting

November 11, 2006 19 comments

Update: Everything is seemingly back to normal; we had a hiccup that was caused as a result from a recent data center move. Contact support through the web site if you are still experiencing difficulties;

As an aside: iTunes can take a while to update, we’re sending pings to help speed the process if at all possible.

Update: Phone postings are transcoding and posting now. Next update on status of existing phone recordings that did not previously transcode….developing.

-Earlier Updates-

We are aware of the issue that some users are reporting about phone recordings not appearing in the audio list, nor posting to blogs or podcast feeds.

“Transcode Error: Unrecognized audio or video format.”

We are investigating and working on the issue.

Update on Blogger Beta compatibility

November 10, 2006 23 comments

We’ve had a few questions about Hipcast’s incompatibility with Blogger’s beta system, and posts not appearing in a new blogspot blog.

Currently, our audio/video-to-blog system does NOT work Blogger’s new beta service (this doesn’t affect audio/video-to-podcast feeds, which do not rely on blog systems).

We are working on supporting the new Blogger, even though it’s still an invitation-based beta release.

Blogger’s new version of their service (which is still in beta, technically) requires that we connect to Google’s Account login system instead of Blogger, which means that we must recreate or overhaul our code just for them (Google).

Note: Blogger’s new beta system does not seem to be available to all users who use the old Blogger system. Contact Google for assistance with your Blogspot account.

We’ll post an update when Hipcast is updated to work with the new Blogger.

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Video: Is the Medium Still the Message?

The video from my session at the Media Giraffe Summit is now online:
Merging Forms: Is the Medium Still the Message? [ QuickTime ]

Robb Montgomery, Paul Grabowitz and me, plus all the attendees.

It was an unconference done Phil Donahue style. Going through the attendees first to see who they were and what they wanted to learn helped us determine the content of the session.

Some of the things I covered were how to make a blog post and how powerful that is when combined with Google, making an audio podcast using only your cellphone, and making a video using a standard digital still camera and posting that to your blog with a few clicks. Fun stuff.

At the conclusion of the session a number of people came up to me and told me that our session was hte best one that they had attended.

I think part of the reason for that is that we included them in the session in a meaningful way and did a lot of showing vs. telling.

Thanks to Robb and Paul for working on this with me and thanks to Tish Grier for helping out.

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The migration Audioblog/Hipcast continues…

June 23, 2006 Leave a comment

We’ve been moving things around to continue our re-naming from to… Your old URLs will still work (such as……..), as they will with the domain replaced with

We recommend updating listings in various directories at your convenience. If you have any questions, then please contact us!

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