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DNS Issue…

June 20, 2007 Leave a comment

Hipcast has been experiencing a DNS issue where some visitors are being redirected to another site.

We fixed the original issue within 30 minutes of it occurring, but DNS is pretty slow with ancillary updates, so we expect that within an hour or two, the new DNS information should be distributed properly across the Internet.

Based on bandwidth usage and logs, this appears to be affecting about 5% of users. We apologize for this issue and we’re doing everything we can to correct it.

Please be aware that if you cannot get to your podcast, or the audios and videos on your blog are not playing for you, it does not mean that others can’t get to them. Only 5% of the network requests are being mis-routed, which means that 95% are being handled properly.

The Hipcast Team


Tumblr Support Added

May 21, 2007 Leave a comment

If you haven’t seen it, you should check out

It’s a very basic blogging system with promise, and it’s now supported in Hipcast as a blog service you can post to.

By default, HTML support is off in Tumblr, so you’ll have to disable the “Filter HTML” option on the Settings tab (see pic below). Once you’ve done that, you may post your audio and video directly via Hipcast.


Now, Tumblr is cool, but it is no WordPress.

Not that it’s not powerful, but the author’s focus is clearly on simplicity. However, in our opinion, there is no faster, easier way to get a blog up and running.

Now, there’s no easier way to get an audio or video blog up and running…. Hipcast + Tumblr.


Podcast By Phone Issue Resolved

May 20, 2007 2 comments

It was reported to us today that members were unable to post directly to podcasts by phone due to a bug in an update made on Thursday afternoon.

This issue has been resolved, and podcasting directly by phone is now available.

The net result was that your audio was saved in your account, but was not added to your podcast. Automated syndication was also affected as the post did not occur.

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Blogger vs “Blogger beta”

April 11, 2007 2 comments

Every day, we get more questions from members asking “Why can’t I post to my Blogger blog?” and “Why are you broken?”

The simple answer is, we’re not broken.

Google and the Blogger team, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they wanted to revamp their authentication mechanism. They decided that it should work like no other authentication system on the Internet, completely ignoring user interface and application flow that members understood intuitively.

In doing so, they forced all developers to rewrite lots of code, using huge amounts of new code that was written by a (mostly) disinterested third party, that didn’t work reliably most of the time.

It is for this reason that we took so long to roll it out. We felt that it wasn’t stable for member consumption, and that we wanted to wait until Google and Zend had code that we felt was the minimum of quality that we expect.

So now, when Google informs you that your blog has been “migrated” and cannot be accessed through the mechanisms you expected, you really have no choice but to use the “new” method.

Hipcast calls this “Blogger Beta”.

Why? Simply because we still feel that the whole process is not production quality and that Google hasn’t provided us with enough of a “warm fuzzy” to force all our users to use to the new mechanisms.

For example, as part of the process to implement the “new authentication method”, we asked Google for a certificate (an X.509 certificate that authenticates us as someone trusted by the customers we share).

It’s been 8 months now, and we are still unable to get Google to provide that production certificate. The last communication we had with Google took 4 months, FOUR MONTHS, for them to respond with the wrong certificate.

As a result, we don’t recommend Blogger to those who ask what to use. We recommend Matt and his team at WordPress are stellar developers and have their hand on the pulse of the blogging community.

Simply put, the WordPress team has their stuff together, and it just works. In fact, we use it for this blog.If you wish to continue using Blogger for your blog, and utilize Hipcast to send audio and video to it, simply click on the “Blogs” tab, and create a new blog service using “Blogger beta”.

You’ll be walked through a little bit of “funk” that is Google, and when you come back to us, just click “Save Changes” and you’re done. You may now post to your Blogger blog to your hearts content.

Best Regards,

Randy Dryburgh

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Using Hipcast to the New Blogger by Google

January 29, 2007 1 comment

It’s been a rocky road getting integrated with Google’s Blogger, and we’re almost out of the forest (we do not have a certificate from Google that ‘authenticates’ us, so there will be an error– we are waiting for Google on this one).

If you have received the following message:

Oops!System Error: Unable to connect to blog service (code: C — The given Blogger
account has been migrated to a Google Account on the new Blogger).

This means that you have had your blog moved from the old Blogger to the new Blogger (going through Google Accounts, the all-Google authentication system, instead of your Blogger-only one).

It is the equivalent of starting a new blog.

How to fix it so you can post the flash video to Google:

1. Log in to your account and click the BLOGS tab
3. Select “Blogger BETA” from the drop-down list (the page will refresh) and enter a name for this listing in the “Service Name” field.
4. Click the button SAVE AND UPDATE

This will redirect you to Google’s site where you have to grant or refuse access. Choose GRANT ACCESS.

Note: There WILL be an error message from Google:
“This website has not registered with Google to establish a secure connection for authorization requests. We recommend that you continue the process only if you trust the following destination:

We are waiting for Google to get the certificate that treats Hipcast as a trusted source.

After you GRANT ACCESS, you’ll be returned to the page that lists your blogs.
If you are not returned to the blog list page and are returned to the ADD BLOG page, you will need to migrate your Blogger account into a Google Blogger Account

Important: Your blog ID numbers will be new, and the style and design of your audio and video players, preferences etc, will need to be recreated from scratch. As mentioned above, the manner in which Google changed their system, results in the new Google Blogs being treated as a new blog altogether. It’s a one time inconvenience.

Audio and video files are night affected as they are tied to your account, not the blog.

Thanks for sticking with us through this, it’s been quite the cat and mouse game getting these two systems talking, and we’ve been wanting to be able to get a rock solid answer there as much as our Hipcast/Blogger customers have. Support

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Typepad/MT error resolved: noname blog

January 18, 2007 4 comments

Update: A previous issue that existed and was resolved on 1/18 had resurfaced and has been corrected:

Unable to post to blog service:
DBD::Pg::st execute failed:ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer:
“noname blog”

This affected Typepad blogs only.

It appears that Hipcast customers were momentarily unable to post to their Typepad blogs today. We are investigating the cause.

When posting to a blog system is normal for a long period of time and there’s an unexpected interruption in service (ie., no changes are made to your account), it’s generally due to either a network hiccup or the service is unreachable. If Typepad had suffered any downtime today, it would be invisible to Hipcast and postings would naturally fail.

It seems Typepad is currently up. To monitor their status view the Typepad Status page.

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Upcoming updates: Blogger, Caller ID, Stats/Graphs

January 7, 2007 4 comments

We’ve got some long-awaited updates coming this week and in the following weeks. Here’s a breakdown of the various updates:

The new Blogger system – Google recently took the new Blogger out of beta and is requiring blogspot/blogger users to upgrade, resulting in a break in Hipcast-to-Blogger communications. This has taken longer than expected for us to update and we sincerely apologize for the delays and backlog in getting to these support e-mails– we’ve certainly heard you!

A little background about how blog posting works and has worked in the past: When you add a blog to your Hipcast account, you are asked for your username and password and the name of the blog service (and in some cases, the XMLRPC url which is required to talk to the blog software). This is how almost all the blog services operate: Typepad, WordPress (.com and installed versions), MoveableType, LiveJournal, etc. It’s a one-two-done process. (We publish over XMLRPC and support the MetaWeblogAPI and the older BloggerAPI)

The change to Blogger was implemented by Google so that adding a Blogger/Blogspot blog requires that authentication is re-routed through Google Accounts. This improves security for Blogger users, yet could possibly slow down the process for third party services like Hipcast in publishing as smoothly as we do to WordPress, Typepad, and others.

We expect to have new Blogger compatibility pushed live on the 10th or 11th of January.

Caller ID bypass – We’ve had requests for this feature and we’ll be pushing this live in the next couple weeks. If you call Hipcast via phone to record and publish audio, you’ll be able to be authenticated via caller ID if you choose.

Stats/Graphs improvements – Statistics are the lifeblood for many podcasters and we’ll be releasing improved stats and graph functionality to enable you to get a clearer picture of traffic for your podcast and files. We anticipate this will be live in the next couple weeks as well.

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