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Using Hipcast to the New Blogger by Google

It’s been a rocky road getting integrated with Google’s Blogger, and we’re almost out of the forest (we do not have a certificate from Google that ‘authenticates’ us, so there will be an error– we are waiting for Google on this one).

If you have received the following message:

Oops!System Error: Unable to connect to blog service (code: C —
com.google.blogger.api.UserMigratedException: The given Blogger
account has been migrated to a Google Account on the new Blogger).

This means that you have had your blog moved from the old Blogger to the new Blogger (going through Google Accounts, the all-Google authentication system, instead of your Blogger-only one).

It is the equivalent of starting a new blog.

How to fix it so you can post the flash video to Google:

1. Log in to your Hipcast.com account and click the BLOGS tab
3. Select “Blogger BETA” from the drop-down list (the page will refresh) and enter a name for this listing in the “Service Name” field.
4. Click the button SAVE AND UPDATE

This will redirect you to Google’s site where you have to grant or refuse access. Choose GRANT ACCESS.

Note: There WILL be an error message from Google:
“This website has not registered with Google to establish a secure connection for authorization requests. We recommend that you continue the process only if you trust the following destination:


We are waiting for Google to get the certificate that treats Hipcast as a trusted source.

After you GRANT ACCESS, you’ll be returned to the page that lists your blogs.
If you are not returned to the blog list page and are returned to the ADD BLOG page, you will need to migrate your Blogger account into a Google Blogger Account

Important: Your blog ID numbers will be new, and the style and design of your audio and video players, preferences etc, will need to be recreated from scratch. As mentioned above, the manner in which Google changed their system, results in the new Google Blogs being treated as a new blog altogether. It’s a one time inconvenience.

Audio and video files are night affected as they are tied to your account, not the blog.

Thanks for sticking with us through this, it’s been quite the cat and mouse game getting these two systems talking, and we’ve been wanting to be able to get a rock solid answer there as much as our Hipcast/Blogger customers have.

Hipcast.com Support

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  1. Anxious
    January 31, 2007 at 10:57 am

    On January 7, it was written: “Stats/Graphs improvements – Statistics are the lifeblood for many podcasters and we’ll be releasing improved stats and graph functionality to enable you to get a clearer picture of traffic for your podcast and files. We anticipate this will be live in the next COUPLE WEEKS as well.

    It has now been over 3 weeks and no word. Anyone at Hipcast have any idea when this will happen. I mean if it’s March, April, August, whatever, just be straight and tell us the truth. so that we aren’t anxiously anticipating something that isn’t gonna happen for a long time, like the beta switchover. Just be honest and communicate with us.

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