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Video: Is the Medium Still the Message?

The video from my session at the Media Giraffe Summit is now online:
Merging Forms: Is the Medium Still the Message? [ QuickTime ]

Robb Montgomery, Paul Grabowitz and me, plus all the attendees.

It was an unconference done Phil Donahue style. Going through the attendees first to see who they were and what they wanted to learn helped us determine the content of the session.

Some of the things I covered were how to make a blog post and how powerful that is when combined with Google, making an audio podcast using only your cellphone, and making a video using a standard digital still camera and posting that to your blog with a few clicks. Fun stuff.

At the conclusion of the session a number of people came up to me and told me that our session was hte best one that they had attended.

I think part of the reason for that is that we included them in the session in a meaningful way and did a lot of showing vs. telling.

Thanks to Robb and Paul for working on this with me and thanks to Tish Grier for helping out.

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